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Target looks like to reduce the time between hubs and stores as part of a bid to improve its brick and mortar operation. Target Experiments With Faster Supply Chain. [Forbes] They’re not the only ones looking at speeding up delivery as a [...]

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Dear Friends,    Not only is technology evolving quickly but also the quality of the young professionals is high. As companies hit a retirement bubble with baby boomers leaving along with the decades of experience they carry, it is [...]

The WTO estimates that trade will grow 1.7% in 2016, the weakest number since 2009. The IMF recently pointed out that normally trade growth tended to increase far quicker than world GDP, but that for the past few years, it had been consid[...]

  What has brought new players into the retail industry? How the retail market has become more collaborative  The social aspect of online retail  The impact of the gas and oil market on the roll out of drone deliveries at s[...]

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Speaking on an EFT webinar, Mr Massimino said that within a fortnight of signing up for Oracle’s order management platform, the system was in place – however, Telogis, which supplies vehicle tracking hardware to sectors such as trucki[...]

It’s also the ultimate test of preparedness for supply chain professionals. Planning for the holiday surge starts months in advance—a step that’s even more critical when your freight needs to cross oceans.   After a purchase or[...]

Why is this happening, and what does it mean for the delivery sector?   We cover: Does the shift towards next-day delivery mean online shopping is no longer driven by price? Is next-day delivery becoming more affordable? Is[...]

For those of you not familiar with the term Hackathon:   "The word “hackathon” is a portmanteau of the words “hack” and “marathon“, where “hack” is used in the sense of exploratory programming, not its alternate meani[...]

In an information-packed exclusive interview, we cover:   The motivating factors for launching a logistics service Post Logistics' target market An Post's strategic partnership behind the new service Post Logistics' deliver[...]

Michael Massimino is Director of IT at Telogis while Marco Rossi is the Supply Chain Cloud Director for Product Development EMEA. Click here to register for the complimentary webinar taking place October 6th, 14:30-15:30 BST (15:30-16:30 CE[...]

Précis: CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - Sep 12, 2016) - project44, a Chicago-based enterprise cloud company providing industry leading supply chain visibility and connectivity, today announced the close of a $10.5 million Series A investm[...]

It’s probably the same reason that 70% of those users have used the same software for several years—even if it’s outdated. TMS technology usage is even lower when it comes to global modes as compared to domestic. Change is hard. Imp[...]

Millennials, individuals born between the years 1980-1999, are now almost all adults. This means that if they are not currently in a career path, then they are most likely seeking one.   Millennials Are Not Booming to get a 3PL Job l[...]

Royal Mail has partnered with UK charity Missing People. Royal Mail's Community Investment Manager, Gary Grange, joins me to explain how the partnership works. We cover:   How the relationship started Mobile technology allowing R[...]

According to an Air Cargo News article, a spokesperson from Panalpina commented, ““The consumption of more perishables is a macro trend that will continue. It is mixed in with urbanization and more people globally moving into the midd[...]

Dear Friends, Once again, we have many numbers coming in, some are concerning while others are encouraging. Most recently, the consumer price index was flat from June to July. Overall prices are only up 0.8 percent in July from a year ago[...]

The potential for IoT technology in supply chain management can be massive, says Haley Garner, head of research at eft.Short for Eye For Transport, U.K.-based eft provides logistics and supply chain solutions for companies that are increa[...]

Meet Amazon’s ‘Prime Air’. After investments in fulfillment and sortation facilities, trailers, IT and the hiring of industry expertise and know-how, Amazon added another puzzle piece to its logistics network. Unveiled August 5th, t[...]

1) Master Your Supply Chain Supply chain management is the cornerstone of procurement, production and facilities management. Going digital allows for management and leadership to see all aspects of a product lifecycle in a virtual, landscap[...]

Jason Burns has led his company’s efforts to identify, nurture and solidify customer relationships that show up on the bottom line.  In this Q & A, he talks about the pitfalls of old-style selling and marketing, comparing it the ad[...]

To remain captivating to the consumers, the entire retail supply chain has to work together and focus on providing a seamless omni-channel experience. This is especially true for 3PLs, which need to increasingly focus on not only meeting th[...]

The President gets the credit or blame, that is the way it goes; the two drivers of the economy from the governmental standpoint are monetary and fiscal policy. The President only has an indirect influence over either of these. Monetary p[...]

Logistics expert Cathy Morrow Roberson from Logistics Trends and Insights joins me to analyse what impact autonomous vehicles might have on the trucking sector. We cover:   The current truck driver shortage; Future driver recruit[...]

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‘Remarkable’ air freight performance helps drive strong results for global logistics group, particularly in the company’s industry-specific solutions[...]

U-Freight believes the framework will help shape this rapidly evolving sector of global trade[...]

European Commission tells members to ‘step up preparations for all outcomes’, with ‘no certainty that there will be a ratified withdrawal agreement’[...]

Logistics company acquires majority stake in air freight exports specialist Skyservices, following last month’s acquisition in Argentina[...]

Swiss logistics group expects ‘accelerated volume growth’ in second half for its air and ocean freight activities, despite ‘uncertainties in international relationships’[...]

Freight operator’s 38,000sqm Dubai facility is the largest single-rooftop photovoltaic plant in the MENA region[...]

The Global Freight Awards launches its annual quest to find the best transport partners for the freight forwarding industry[...]

Facility in Manisa industrial zone offers storage and customised, value-added logistics services[...]

BIFA says proposals are ‘the most comprehensive and cogent by UK government’, but highlights challenge of getting agreement from parliament and Brussels[...]

FTA expresses relief after UK government ‘finally has recognised the needs of the logistics sector’, calling on EU to now do the same[...]

BPA highlights ‘trade-facilitation focus’ of today’s key UK government proposal, which ‘would avoid the need for customs and other frontier checks’[...]

Case study in Southampton showed potential reduction from 867 deliveries a week to 25, alongside wider benefits such as reducing congestion and pollution[...]

Further tax of 10% set to hit imports across thousands of product categories from food and consumer goods to chemicals and industrial equipment[...]

Groups ‘can now fully engage’ in expanding their commercial cooperation and developing complementary services[...]

‘Chequers agreement’ last weekend ‘contained encouraging markers’ for logistics sector, but businesses now need action, not words, says FTA[...]

Purpose-built facility will test and use technologies including IoT, augmented reality, automation systems, and could also run 3D printers[...]

Part of a global partnership between the Chinese e-commerce giant and the French conglomerate that includes cloud services and digital transformation[...]

E-commerce supply chain specialist will use office at key cargo airport as a gateway for European air freight consolidation [...]

Forwarders report mixed picture on China-US air cargo market, but no obvious indications of last-minute modal shift, while ocean freight prices rise on transpacific[...]

Extra dates announced as hundreds of logistics businesses attend seminars on new Customs Declaration Service, coming into force this summer[...]

BIFA says it is ‘very disappointing’ that port operator is ‘not even prepared to discuss any kind of compensation for such a failure in customer service’[...]

State-of-the-art facility will handle cargo for road division’s Europe-wide network and also test innovative technologies and solutions for the ‘terminal of the future’[...]

‘Delivery Service Partners’ programme marks a further significant step to expand e-commerce ‘last-mile’ capabilities[...]

Multi-temperature facility for new specialist 3PL was completed within eight months of planning application being submitted[...]

US integrator and key union avert threat of strike and reach tentative five-year agreement that includes pay increases and potential for Sunday deliveries[...]

High-value global supply chains ‘are well established and will be very difficult to disrupt’ in event of trade war, says FedEx president [...]

US Trade Representative has begun to draw up a list of another $200bn worth of Chinese imports to hit with a 10% duty, while China says it will strike back with combined measures in quantity and quality[...]

Additional arrangements to enhance security include construction of a ‘high-value cage’ inside the fashion goods DC[...]

After 32,600sqm addition to current warehouse, logistics group’s DC at Maasvlakte will be the first in the port with a floor area over 100,000sqm[...]

The US has imposed a 25% tariff on $50bn worth of Chinese goods and warned that any retaliation from China means that the figure may rise to a 25% tariff on $100bn worth of Chinese imports[...]