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Shippers and 3PL providers are struggling to adjust to demands in the market place, with the top concerns bugging executives being infrastructure issues and the capabilities of their labour forces. Among respondents, there was recognition o[...]

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Target looks like to reduce the time between hubs and stores as part of a bid to improve its brick and mortar operation. Target Experiments With Faster Supply Chain. [Forbes] They’re not the only ones looking at speeding up delivery as a [...]

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Channels: LogisticsEvent Date: Mon, 2017-11-20 to Tue, 2017-11-21Event URL: Location: SingaporeNumber of attendees: 200Event Organiser: Will BroadEvent Organiser E-mail:&nb[...]

Dear Friends,    Not only is technology evolving quickly but also the quality of the young professionals is high. As companies hit a retirement bubble with baby boomers leaving along with the decades of experience they carry, it is [...]

The WTO estimates that trade will grow 1.7% in 2016, the weakest number since 2009. The IMF recently pointed out that normally trade growth tended to increase far quicker than world GDP, but that for the past few years, it had been consid[...]

  What has brought new players into the retail industry? How the retail market has become more collaborative  The social aspect of online retail  The impact of the gas and oil market on the roll out of drone deliveries at s[...]

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Speaking on an EFT webinar, Mr Massimino said that within a fortnight of signing up for Oracle’s order management platform, the system was in place – however, Telogis, which supplies vehicle tracking hardware to sectors such as trucki[...]

It’s also the ultimate test of preparedness for supply chain professionals. Planning for the holiday surge starts months in advance—a step that’s even more critical when your freight needs to cross oceans.   After a purchase or[...]

Why is this happening, and what does it mean for the delivery sector?   We cover: Does the shift towards next-day delivery mean online shopping is no longer driven by price? Is next-day delivery becoming more affordable? Is[...]

For those of you not familiar with the term Hackathon:   "The word “hackathon” is a portmanteau of the words “hack” and “marathon“, where “hack” is used in the sense of exploratory programming, not its alternate meani[...]

In an information-packed exclusive interview, we cover:   The motivating factors for launching a logistics service Post Logistics' target market An Post's strategic partnership behind the new service Post Logistics' deliver[...]

Michael Massimino is Director of IT at Telogis while Marco Rossi is the Supply Chain Cloud Director for Product Development EMEA. Click here to register for the complimentary webinar taking place October 6th, 14:30-15:30 BST (15:30-16:30 CE[...]

Précis: CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - Sep 12, 2016) - project44, a Chicago-based enterprise cloud company providing industry leading supply chain visibility and connectivity, today announced the close of a $10.5 million Series A investm[...]

It’s probably the same reason that 70% of those users have used the same software for several years—even if it’s outdated. TMS technology usage is even lower when it comes to global modes as compared to domestic. Change is hard. Imp[...]

Millennials, individuals born between the years 1980-1999, are now almost all adults. This means that if they are not currently in a career path, then they are most likely seeking one.   Millennials Are Not Booming to get a 3PL Job l[...]

Royal Mail has partnered with UK charity Missing People. Royal Mail's Community Investment Manager, Gary Grange, joins me to explain how the partnership works. We cover:   How the relationship started Mobile technology allowing R[...]

According to an Air Cargo News article, a spokesperson from Panalpina commented, ““The consumption of more perishables is a macro trend that will continue. It is mixed in with urbanization and more people globally moving into the midd[...]

Dear Friends, Once again, we have many numbers coming in, some are concerning while others are encouraging. Most recently, the consumer price index was flat from June to July. Overall prices are only up 0.8 percent in July from a year ago[...]

The potential for IoT technology in supply chain management can be massive, says Haley Garner, head of research at eft.Short for Eye For Transport, U.K.-based eft provides logistics and supply chain solutions for companies that are increa[...]

Meet Amazon’s ‘Prime Air’. After investments in fulfillment and sortation facilities, trailers, IT and the hiring of industry expertise and know-how, Amazon added another puzzle piece to its logistics network. Unveiled August 5th, t[...]

1) Master Your Supply Chain Supply chain management is the cornerstone of procurement, production and facilities management. Going digital allows for management and leadership to see all aspects of a product lifecycle in a virtual, landscap[...]

Jason Burns has led his company’s efforts to identify, nurture and solidify customer relationships that show up on the bottom line.  In this Q & A, he talks about the pitfalls of old-style selling and marketing, comparing it the ad[...]

To remain captivating to the consumers, the entire retail supply chain has to work together and focus on providing a seamless omni-channel experience. This is especially true for 3PLs, which need to increasingly focus on not only meeting th[...]

The President gets the credit or blame, that is the way it goes; the two drivers of the economy from the governmental standpoint are monetary and fiscal policy. The President only has an indirect influence over either of these. Monetary p[...]

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CBP reopens public comment on the six themes of the 21st Century Customs Framework initiative until 11 April [...]

French container shipping group builds on its existing 50.6% controlling interest in its 3PL partner, gaining additional 38.9% shareholding via CHF30 per share tender offer[...]

Margin improvement remains current focus, targeting conversion rate of more than 20% by 2020 from 14.6% last year, Global Forwarding CEO says[...]

Ahmet Musul raises shareholding from 54.5% by buying shares from Abu Dhabi-based Invest AD and SBI Holdings of Japan[...]

Portal promises to provide ‘vastly improved planning and control’ for air freight shipments to small and medium-sized freight agents[...]

British International Freight Association highlights liability issues for members and safeguards to prevent problems occurring[...]

Group says its investment in high-speed e-commerce fulfilment centres and specific e-commerce transport solutions is starting to pay off[...]

Opening of 40,000 sqm facility in Oberhausen means six of the group’s 14 logistics centres in the country will specialise in e-retail fulfilment[...]

DGF trades air and ocean freight market share for higher profitability as division seeks to match ‘conversion ratio’ of better-performing peers[...]

FML will represent the global forwarder network in the South Asian country, expected to be the world’s third-fastest-growing economy in 2019[...]

CEO highlights improving productivity from the launch of the new IT platform that is now handling 50% of the forwarder’s shipments[...]

Freight association says accreditation ‘to prove that they have a structured, practical and methodical approach’ is ‘essential’, as Brexit-related demand spirals [...]

After a decade of financial challenges, CEO says group is now ‘a normal company, with a long-term strategy and a strong shareholder in CMA CGM’ [...]

Logistics group achieves improvement in air and ocean margins last year, but softer than expected air freight peak season made it hard to pass on higher procurement costs to customers[...]

Logistics group becomes a shareholder of the ambitious ‘Cargo sous terrain’ underground transport project, which aims to ‘revolutionize logistics’[...]

Logistics group ‘on track to accelerate transformation and turnaround action plan’ in the next three years and beyond, with support of strategic partner CMA CGM[...]

Move to implement ‘One Share, One Vote’ policy would eliminate the inbuilt voting majority currently enjoyed by Ernst Göhner Foundation – criticised for blocking takeover attempts[...]

Florida facility, double size of existing warehouse, is purpose-built to meet growing global e-commerce demand and strengthen focus on Latin American region [...]

Logistics group, currently subject to a ‘friendly’ public tender offer from its French shipping group shareholder, is expected to reach a break-even position in 2019[...]

Association highlights potential of facing competing claims from two consignees, each holding technically valid documentation[...]

Honda’s announcement this week of its UK plant closure reflects a sector in crisis, with winners and losers among logistics suppliers, says Ti’s Thomas Cullen[...]

Brexit uncertainty adding to challenges for manufacturers of rising costs of raw materials, although companies remain bullish and expect business to expand this year, DHL-BCC survey finds[...]

Soft UK-EU exit remains a real possibility, which ‘could create a little rebound’ in cross-Channel trade, says shipping and logistics group’s CEO[...]

Several regional networking groups will help early talent develop their knowledge and professional skills, but in a more social environment[...]

BCOs are already diverting some cargo to the port as haulage costs rise and Brexit approaches, and several carriers are analysing potential of direct Far East container services[...]

App allows drivers to give feedback on their warehousing pick-up experience, to help other drivers decide whether to book a load and encourage more collaboration and improvement[...]

€700 million transaction sees German group enter into a 10-year strategic partnership with premium logistics service provider SF Holding [...]

Vote brings “much-needed certainty' that there will be some provisions in place for 'connectivity' in the case of a 'no-deal', albeit limited in time and scope, says freight forwarding body Clecat[...]

In the UK, company to close second House of Fraser-dedicated warehouse in April, says union[...]

Logistics group achieves double-digit growth last year following eastwards expansion and is now looking at opportunities in the Black Sea and Caspian Sea regions, MD Bas Belder tells Lloyd’s Loading List[...]