Our Road Map

Global Logistics Network (GLN) is an ISO 9001:2008 organization that was established in Q1 2003 as a platform for independently owned and managed small/medium sized freight forwarders and logistics providers that aspire to become part of a new refreshing initiative to join a quality-focused global network of freight professionals.

Vision of GLN:
The vision is simple – with a theme of the Power of One – GLN members will be able to compete on both key global Fortune 1000 business and also satisfy local and regional customers.  It is not the intent of GLN to aspire to be a competitor to the multinational forwarders but to meet the “Critical Success Factors” of customers.  Customers drive our ambition and we never forget that they have a choice.

Mission Statement:
To use the combined global strength and local regional experience of GLN members to pursue and surpass the “Critical Success Factors” of customers aligned with cost effective and profit related processes.

Year-on-Year Growth:
GLN has experienced exceptional year-on-year growth as follows:
Year 2003: 38 Founders 38 Year 2009: 313 members +60
Year 2004: 71 members +33 Year 2010: 365 members +52
Year 2005: 111 members +40 Year 2011: 402 members +37
Year 2006: 166 members +55 Year 2012: 421 members +19
Year 2007: 208 members +42 Year 2013: 441 members +20
Year 2008: 253 members +45 Year 2014: 463 members +22

If you are interested in joining GLN, we recommend that you Contact GLN for additional information or complete our on-line Member Application.