GLN Affiliated Member program January 2013

Members request to GLN to add offices to cities that are currently at maximum 3=per-city ruling (January 2013) During 2012 and prior, multiple members had sent requests to GLN Management asking to relax the rules and consider allowing them to add their key and other offices previously denied due to the 3-per-city ruling. GLN considered this request and also took into account that many new members also requested membership at key cities that were already at 3 maximum. GLN went out to 40+ long term and middle term members of our network to consider their views on (a) Current members to be able to add additional offices to cities where we are at maximum of 3 and/or (b) Consider opening up the 3 per city rule to new members up to a maximum of possibly 7 per city. 90 percent of those polled gave constructive feedback and would consider allowing current members to be able to add their additional city listings but NOT to allow any new members to have the same privilege. GLN management gave quality review time on this matter and did not feel the REGULAR members should lose their advantage in the 3 per city current ruling BUT would accept new city requests from existing members. BUT their visible status on a "Member Search" should have a lower visibility factor versus current members of the 3 maximum per city ruling. The matter was raised at the 10th AGM in Bangkok and the following entered in the minutes that all members received via the conference post link. It was decided to therefore to allow existing members applications for Affiliated Office status as of the date of the announcement, namely: 1. Existing GLN members CAN apply for membership in any city within their currently registered countries and include other countries where their company has wholly owned offices and the 3 per city ruling has been relaxed but not totally against existing members in those cities. 2. Their application and approval is NOT automatic and would reviewed by GLN Management. Decisions by GLN are final. There are certain smaller markets that must retain original agreements but GLN management will review each on its own merit. Current members city registration will not change and cannot be moved under the new program. 3. Any new members that join in the future in a vacant city will NOT be able to use the new "Affiliated" office system until our next review in 3 years. 4. There will be 4 distinct GLN member categories listed as (a) Diamond/Platinum (b) Regular and (c) Associated (d) The new Affiliated member status. All will be visible but under certain "search criteria’s". When a member searches under the default of "Regular" in the drop down box, all members currently listed under items (a) (b) and (c ) will retain 100% visibility in order of their joining date. If members widen the search to "ALL" then (a) (b) (c) and (d) will all be listed but "Affiliated" offices will be shown below categories (a) (b) and (c) listing and in date order. 5. The methodology for VIEWING of members listings retains GLN's desire to continue to give preferred visibility to the members currently taking up 3 maximum companies per city. 6. The following potential questions and answers are provided to assist your application process. Any new charges for adding such "Affiliated" offices will command a lower fee per office than the usual 2nd office added fees but will not be any lower than any existing price of a members normal city registration. On multiple offices GLN will take this into consideration as to the final invoice which we will send to the applying company -if we accept their application. Decisions on acceptance or denials will be made within 7 days of submission. Questions and Answers Section on applying for AFFILIATED offices within GLN Q 1: How do I apply? A 1: Only by entering your ACCESS ID code can you get to the full "Members Only" area that has the link for "Add another office". This is not the generic entry access code of 99999 (General use). You need to use only your ID Access code. If you have forgot or lost your ID Access code go to MEMBERS ONLY area and the 2nd section for login will ask you to enter your email address. You will receive your unique ID Access code via email and then enter that code (make sure you’re not already logged in under 99999, if so, log out and then follow the next direction). Enter your ID Access and you will see an expanded left side links area. This includes a link "add locations" - please click on this link. Q2: I wish to add a city within the country I am a member. How do I do this? A2: Once you have gained access to the next screen you will see all key cities in your country of interest and all OPEN VACANT cities will be shown for normal membership AND the open Affiliated cities. Click in the boxes you wish to register and the default pricing will appear next to the box. If the city does not appear on the list use the "add city" link and enter the name and that city will  appear. Once you "click a box for city" scroll to the bottom of the page and click on SUBMIT. The next screen will show your current city membership and the new tab (yellow) for the office/s you have just added under the Affiliated program. PLEASE click on the tab and then enter all profile information for that new office using all the boxes. When you have completed go to SAVE button at bottom and click. Your information has now been saved but will be kept on a "HOLD" status pending review by GLN management. Once approved, an invoice will be sent to you for payment and your status will be switched from HOLD to LIVE and visibility to a member search under a "ALL" request will show your new office/s. Q3. I wish to add a city within the country I am a member PLUS add additional offices in another country. How do I do this? A3: Please follow A2 and use area No.2 and enter the City you wish to apply for. The system will automatically throw up options, click on the city you wish to apply for and this will now appear on the same page. Click on the box of the new city/cities you have added and then the same final process for A2 will apply with YELLOW tabs showing new applications for cities in your usual country and added countries. Q4: I am currently registered in a non key city within GLN's network, can I delete this when I apply for Affiliated status in new cities? A4: No, your current membership city/cities cannot change. You can only ADD new cities Q5: I have been approved and I have paid my new membership invoice but cannot see my new Affiliated office on a member search. A5: The default search covers "REGULAR" member listings and does not include Affiliated offices. When the drop down menu is opened to "ALL" this will show all REGULAR and AFFILIATED offices. Q6: Why is my regular membership listing higher than my Affiliated listing in the viewing screen? A6: Our REGULAR members (Those that are currently one of the 3 members maximum in that city) get higher visibility by date of joining. Q7: Will new applying members have the Affiliated office options when applying for regular open city vacancies? A7: NO, only if they apply for a vacant city can they apply for membership. GLN will not accept any new members for China or India unless they come as a referral and there is a vacant city slot. The option to register Affiliated offices will not be considered. Our next such review will be minimum 1+ year.