Membership Application

As a member of GLN, in addition to additional business that you will generate through our select global network, you will also receive additional benefits made available through our 'Power of One' philosophy. Membership in GLN is non-exclusive and limited to a maximum of 3 Regular Members in each air or sea port location - regardless of the size of the market.

A recent quotation from one of our members: "We have been members of 7-8 international freight forwarding networks during the past few years. GLN is one of them and I can say that it is the #1 among them where we can get most business benefits. I am sure you will not be disappointed if you join it."

Our Membership process has been simplified and the application now involves 3 quick steps:

Step 1 Check Availability and Fee Structure
Step 2 Read and accept our on-line Membership Agreement
Step 3 Complete our on-line Membership Questionnaire

Special notes: 1. Annual Country/City Membership fees are 100% for the Headquarters and 50% for each branch office registered. 2. Effective from November 2004, GLN has introduced an Accounts Receivable Insurance Fund that protects the interests of members. Effective with new members joining after February 1, 2006, participation in this fund is required and the premium is US$500/annum per country. These funds are refundable upon leaving GLN.  Please visit Accounts Receivable Self Insurance Fund for further details. 3. The Membership Fees for Associate (companies not directly involved in the movement of freight) are at 50% of the membership Fee shown. Based on your completed submission, GLN will check the references supplied, prepare an invoice for your attention and, upon your payment, advise existing Members and grant you access to the Members Only Area.